The first step towards a sustainable approach to the development of human activities and enterprises is in intelligent and economical application of the resources offered by the territory around us. The awareness of the exhaustion of natural resources make possible the introduction of new and more conscientious production methods, that represent a responsible progress.

Berardi Imballaggi has embraced the concept of sustainable development, therefore its production cycle is based on the relationships with consortium and producers that have always been acting with respect of the territory.

40% of the material used by our company for the production of plastic boxes is recycled, this is possible because Berardi Imballaggi is associate with CONIP, the Italian Plastic Packaging Consortium, which aims to “reduce the environmental impact through the recycling of waste rigid secondary and tertiary packaging, generated in the national territory.”

The cardboard boxes are made of materials with the International Paper brand, a company that for over 110 years actively operates in the Italian and international industrial sector through a sustainable managing of natural resources.

Wooden boxes are made with wood from forests cultivation: the trees are replanted after cutting, in order to ensure the next life of the forests. These and other choices, as for istance the project of maintaining the production in the local territory, contribute to the CO2reduction into the atmosphere and make of Berardi Imballaggi an industrial company, seriously involved in sustainable development.

In addition, since 2008 Berardi Imballaggi operates according to ISO 9001 standards, that allows product traceability.