Plastic comes from plastic

Waste that becomes a resource

The old crates take on a new life

If not properly disposed of and recycled, polypropylene packaging can be a huge problem for the environment. In order to solve the environmental impact in an exemplary manner, we have introduced a recycling plant in our company that transforms old polypropylene crates into new packaging that can be put back on the market immediately.

Old, no longer used, and damaged crates, which are ready to be turned into waste, are picked up directly by our managers, completely free of charge, to be given a new lease on life.

The positive effects of our plastic recycling plant

We relieve the community from the complex transport of bulky crates.
We spread the value of recycling and waste that becomes a resource.
We create a network of collaborative relationships involving citizens and business owners, finally united by an admirable goal.
We contribute to putting a stop to the wasteful practice of dumping waste into the environment.
We give new life to packaging that would have ended up in a landfill.

Tax-free plastic company

Berardi Imballaggi will not be subject to the Plastic Tax, which is scheduled to apply starting 1 January 2022.

This is possible because the polypropylene crates produced by Berardi Imballaggi are made using the granule from grinding end-of-life crates recovered from carefully selected suppliers. The old crates, ground up in the recycling system inside the company, are transformed into a resource.

Plastic comes from plastic, and waste gets a new life!

This is a virtuous cycle that Berardi Imballaggi conducts with great satisfaction because it not only provides new crates with paternity, traceability, and certification of suitability to contain food in accordance with European regulations, it also helps spread the value of recycling and puts a stop to the disgraceful practice of dumping waste in the environment.

Once brought to the company, old polypropylene crates of any shape and size are reduced into spheres and granules to then be transformed into new crates with paternity, traceability, and, above all, certification of suitability to contain food.

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