Our history

Established in 1862 as a company focused on craft production, Berardi has been managed by four generations of entrepreneurs who, according to the market demand of that years, made great strides. In the next 40 years, until 1902, the company became specialized in the production of carriage, pulling, barrels for wine aging and in the manufacture of several articles.

In 1932 the turning point that will permanently characterize the production of the historical company Berardi. This is the year in which the energies of the team work and the modern equipment are implemented in order to work exclusively with the production of fruit and vegetables in wooden packaging.

In constant growth and expansion under the leadership of the current owner Domenico Berardi, the company, renamed Berardi Imballaggi has over the years adopted an industrial production and implemented technologies that have implemented raised the number of services offered: production and commercialization of cardboard boxes (1983), plastic packaging (1990) and semi-mnufactured (1994).

Since 1995 together with his sons Francesco and Antonella, Domenico Berardi continues with experience and undisputed entrepreneurial skills the success of the company, that now can boasts a new production site of 38,000 sq. mt, with a futuristic steel structure, built according to the latest technology. Domenico and his sons are driven by a natural impulse to continuous improvement, technological investment, production implementation.