Patented boxes


The product called “CALIBER” is a new patented box in the 300x400x95mm size. CALIBER is a box ideal to contain all type of fruits in small packs, especially in cells designed for the protection, preservation and transportation of these products.
Our patent allows the fruit to travel in more airy boxes and simplified the product packaging.
The patent includes a version with traditional box, reusable, aimed at containing different fruits.


Block Box: polypropylene self-stand display

It is available in the 30x50 size, and is ideal to contain cardboard baskets of 2.50 Kg. It is produced and patented by Berardi Imballaggi. Perfectly stackable, the Block Box self-stand display can be used in many ways to hold and store several kind of objects.

Block Box, or the polypropylene multipurpose stackable basket for foods, easy to carry and useful for preserving. The 24x30 size allows to present the best grapes, cherries and various kinds of fruits, while remaining a useful and indispensable box.

Cardboard basket

The new shape of the basket of 2.5 Kg designed by Berardi Imballaggi and provided with a practical cardboard handle. Another patented version of the same product is disegned with a plastic handle to be set up on the basket. The cardboard baskets are made according to standard formats or customized for fixed quantities.


Block Box

Block Box - polypropylene stackable basket 40x30

Block Box

Block Box - polypropylene stackable basket 24x30


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